Get Pre-Qualified BEFORE You Shop

Get Pre-Qualified BEFORE You Shop

Did you know that, no matter what type of real estate climate exists in the neighborhood where you are looking to purchase in, there are a couple of constants when it comes to home sales?

First off, as the buyer bringing cash to the table, it doesn’t really matter what the home is attempting to be sold for, but rather what the buying market is actually willing to pay for it. Then, the other half of the equation is what the seller is willing to accept as an offer. And you have to be careful because price is the first thing a seller will look at when an offer comes in. Remember, yes, most buyers are looking for a “deal” but, at the same time, most sellers aren’t looking to just “give their house away”. Surveys have shown that the average list-to-sales price of homes are running between 96-98%, in other words, if the home is listed for $100,000, the actual sales price would probably come in between $96-97,000.

Secondly, GET PRE-QUALIFIED before you shop!
So…you’ve got a steady paycheck and decent credit so why not just find a house, send in an offer and see what happens? Then, if the offer is accepted, you’ll simply go through the business of getting pre-qualified. Right? WRONG!!

Put yourself in the sellers shoes. Why would the seller accept your offer if you’re not pre-qualified? You see, in the time it might take you to get pre-qualified after the fact, they could be keeping the house on the market and finding another buyer who IS and is ready to move in! Always keep in mind that a typical seller is ready to sell and wants to close as  quickly as possible after accepting an offer.

Global Unity Mortgage advises that when you are motivated to buy, ensure that you are ready to write an offer that will be in the running to be accepted. Call Global Unity Mortgage today at (860)872-9479 or email them at and get “Pre-Qualified” now so you are ready to go shopping, make on offer, and secure your dream home!
Our rates even beat the Quick and Guaranteed lenders!

At Global Unity Mortgage…your business means the world to us!!!

Getting started is easy. We offer very competitive rates, have great service, and always close on time.


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