Did you know that, surprisingly, rates actually fell at the end of 2019, and now with the average fixed rate for a 30 year mortgage being below 4%, many homeowners can save lots of money by refinancing their existing loans in 2020!

houseThere are even lenders out there that now have flexible terms, meaning that you no longer have to select a new refinance by 5 year intervals. So if you happen to have 22 years left on your current loan and wish to refinance because you can lower your existing rate to save money, but you can’t afford the payment for a 20 year mortgage, you no longer have to re-extend and chose a 30 year term. You can now simply refinance for just the actual 22 years you had left while enjoying the new lower rates monthly savings!!

Now that you know, wouldn’t it be nice to see if you could refinance and take advantage of the low rates and great programs that are available now?  It’s easy! Take fifteen minutes and contact Global Unity Mortgage today. We have the lenders and programs that could possibly save you thousands of dollars.

Find out today! Just click HERE!

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