What to Expect in the Home-Buying Season

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What to Expect in the Home-Buying Season

Lately, buying a home has become an exercise in speed and agility. Homebuyers will need to be on their toes in the 2018 home-buying season if they are to snag their dream home. Buyers may have to linger on the market until they find the right home but then need to sprint across the finish…

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Should I Rent or Buy a House?

The Rent Race If low mortgage rates weren’t enough to push you toward home buying, the latest rental analysis might be. The trends show that rising rents are causing almost 20 percent of today’s renters to struggle with monthly payments. Plus, it’s not just America’s lower-earning residents who are having trouble keeping up with rents. Those…

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The Truth Behind Down Payments

Homeownership might be the most important goal for millennials, according to a recent report by NerdWallet, however, there is some misunderstanding as to how difficult of an obstacle securing a down payment truly is. NerdWallet commissioned an online survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by Harris Poll to discover how Americans understand down…

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Pre-Qualification credit pulls & your FICO score

How much will inquiries really affect your FICO score? by Dave Hershman18 Jul 2017 I am confused about how inquiries will affect a FICO score, especially when someone is shopping with multiple lenders for a home loan. Some say there is no real effect. Others say it can have a negative effect. Can you set the…

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It Suddenly May Be Easier To Get A Mortgage!

Two major changes in the mortgage market go into effect this month, and both could help millions more borrowers qualify for a home loan. First, the nation’s three major credit rating agencies Equifax, TransUnion and Experian will drop tax liens and civil judgments from some consumers’ profiles if the information isn’t complete. Specifically, the data…

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