New Advantage: High-Balance Purchase/Refinance Loans

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New Advantage: High-Balance Purchase/Refinance Loans

High Balance purchase/refinance loan programs for loan amounts from $453,101 up to $679,650 are now available! These loan programs require 80% equity, a mid FICO score of 680, and a maximum Debt-to-Income ratio of 43%. They are priced according to CONVENTIONAL RATE PRICING, not JUMBO pricing, so the savings on both rate AND closing costs…

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The TRUTH about Credit Inquiries & Your FICO Score

How much will inquiries really affect your FICO score?  I am confused about how inquiries will affect a FICO score, especially when someone is shopping with multiple lenders for a home loan. Some say there is no real effect. Others say it can have a negative effect. Can you set the record straight? -Donnie from Nebraska …

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Easily Raise Your Credit Score

Have a low credit score and wish you could find a way to boost it up a little? Did you know you as an established credit card customer you can simply call your credit card companies and ask for a credit limit increase on your accounts?? That’s right! A simple increase in limit on your…

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